Friday, February 17, 2012

JR Smith coming back to the NBA

There has been a lot of questions surrounding JR Smith and his return to the NBA. JR was stuck overseas playing for a team in China because he thought that the NBA Lockout would take away the season. Ever since the lockout was over, JR has been trying to come back to the NBA, but hasn't been able to due to his contract with the team he has been playing with in China. JR got his contract issues dealt with and now is planning on returning to the NBA. The teams that were considering signing JR were the clippers, knicks, bulls, magic, pacers, and lakers. The clippers and knicks were the two front runners in the race for JR, but with the knicks being able to give the most money. They got him! As of today, JR Smith tweeted saying "New York Knicks It Is!"  The Knicks were able to offer JR about 2.5 million, but they are going to have to free up some roster space for him. Some sources have been talking about the release Mike Bibby.

The new lineup for the New York Knicks looks like this:

In my opinion, I feel like the Knicks are now a team that  others should be worried about. Before Linsanity and the addition of JR came into place, the Knicks were just another team to play. But with these additions, the Knicks have a very powerful starting five, with great players coming off the bench to provide a spark for the team. I know that no one has seen this lineup play together yet, or even Lin and Anthony play together; but this will work. Carmelo might seem to be a selfish player, but he wants to win. All this team needed was a strong point guard to run the offense and the Knicks have been looking for one for awhile. Since the arrival of Lin, the Knicks have been moving forward and have a 7-game winning streak with Lin in the starting lineup. The addition of JR is only going to put more points on the board and give Lin more options to look at.  Looking at just purely statistics, this lineup is very intimidating. The New York Knicks are a new and improved team in the East.Watch out Miami and Chicago.  

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