Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Arena for the Sacramento Kings!!

The thought of the Sacramento Kings getting a new arena is now becoming a reality. The NBA and the Kings reached an agreement on Monday for an arena. On March 6, if the City Council votes yes on the plans, it will keep the Sacramento Kings in the capital for the long haul. Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Maloof Family(Owners of the Kings), and NBA commissioner David Stern all met together this past weekend to discuss the arena options in Orlando, Fl.  The deal that has been prosed is the city will contribute $200-$250 million to estimate $387 million arena, mostly by leasing out parking garages around the facility. The Maloofs agreed to contribute around $75 million and also agreed to pay off the $67 million loan to the city. In addition to all of this money, the arena operator AEG agreed to pay around $60 million. Gavin Maloof has this to say; “I think its great for our community, I’m glad its finally coming to an end after 13 years. It’s been a long road.”

This is very exciting to write about for a Kings fans perspective because Sacramento deserves to have a NBA team. This team, the city, and the community all wanted and need this team to stay.  All the credit for getting this deal done has to go to our major Kevin Johnson. He is the man responsible for keeping the Kings in Sacramento for another year and now getting the Kings a new arena. If you are a Kings fan and you see Kevin Johnson in public, go shake his hand and say thank you.  Johnson secured hundreds of million dollars of funding for this deal to happen.  When the arena gets built, I know I will want to be at that first game. 

Now with this arena into place, doesn’t mean the work is done. The team still needs to make some changes and get back to the glory days where it was a playoff team.  At least now the players and staff doesn’t have to worry about in the back of their minds where they will be playing basketball next year. The kings are talented young team with great potential. Maybe a trade here or there could possibly get some excitement back to the team. For now, even though our season isn’t looking to bright; at least the fans have something to be excited for and no longer have to worry. It’s an exciting day to be a Kings Fan!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Ryan Braun Will Play

By: Brian Sanchez

     I'll start with the obvious:  Ryan Braun, reigning NL MVP, will not be suspended for 50 games during this upcoming season.  He was given the suspension during this past off season because he tested positive for a PED (performance enhancing drug) which still has not been named.  What we do know though is he had elevated testosterone.  In fact it was the highest testosterone ratio ever recorded during Baseball's drug testing.  Almost immediately after getting handed the suspension Braun appealed.  This has never worked before, and nobody expected it to work this time.  But the whole test was hung up on a technicality.  Braun's agent and lawyer were able to find a loop hole.  The test was taken on October 1st, the day the Brewers played their first playoff game last season, but was not delivered to the FedEx station to get mailed until October 3rd.  According to Baseball's drug agreement the sample needs to be delivered on the same day that it was taken.  This is to make sure there is no tampering with the sample and that no chemical reactions can take place.  There have already been anonymous doctors who have said blood would not have developed a positive test for what Braun tested positive for.  (Since the PED can not be named both the doctors and the drug remained anonymous.)  However, the rules were not followed so the test was thrown out.  The only report as to why this happened is that the man in charge of the blood samples thought the FedEx near him was closed so he held on to it.  That is the technicality that got Ryan Braun off the hook.  I do not buy the fact that he did not test positive, I think he just got lucky to find the loop hole.

     Braun held a press conference today in front of media and his teammates at the brewers spring training facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.  Braun said about the time since the test came out  “I’ve lived this nightmare every day for the last four months.”  Braun then went deeper into what he thought about the testing process, “At the end of the day the truth prevailed,” he said. “I’m a victim of a process that completely broke down and failed in the way that it was applied to me in the case. As players, we’re held to a standard of 100 percent perfection regarding the program, and everybody else associated with that program should be held to the same standard. We’re a part of a process where you’re 100 percent guilty until proven innocent. It’s the opposite of the American judicial system."  The most frustrating part to Braun was “My (Ryan Braun) name has been dragged through the mud as everything I’ve ever worked for in my life has been called into question,”.

More will be coming on the situation.  Arbitrator Shyam Das who threw out Braun’s ban on Thursday, informed the sides of his decision but did not give them a written opinion. He has to do so within 30 days of the decision which means it should be coming soon. 

Do you think he used PED's?  Did he only get off because of a technicality?

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Monday, February 20, 2012

SF Giants News and Notes

By: Brian Sanchez
Monday February 20th

Pitchers and catchers have reported.  Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are great and all, but thank goodness BASEBALL IS BACK!  The main focus on this blog will be on the team that is my favorite, as well as the favorite of many of my listeners and followers; The San Francisco Giants.  The Giants made some decent moves over the off season but the main focus will be on the players returning from injuries.  Let's get to the good stuff.

Buster Posey
Getting him back in the line-up is the same as the Giants making a huge acquisition in the offseason.  When he showed up in 2010 his bat and glove brought the city a world series ring.  When he was taken out (by he who shall not be named because it was never a clean play and nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise) last year the team slipped into mediocracy with dismal catching and a flaccid offense.  Most of the early reports on him have been good.  New CSN insider Andy Baggarly (formerly of the SJ Mercury, great pick up by CSN) reported that Posey has been catching bullpens, mainly those of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.  Yesterday he also caught from a pitching machine and sprung up out of the crouch to simulate a throw down to second.  Posey said his ankle felt fine this morning.  He took batting practice to thunderous applause, and even knocked the third pitch he saw out of the park.  Posey took BP today without any protection on his left ankle.  He should be good to go and playing by the second week of games.  And as far as opening day, neither Buster nor skipper Bruce Bochy see why he wouldn't be ready.

Freddy Sanchez
Far less news about Freddy.  He is coming off a shoulder surgery and missed nearly all of last year.  He is one of the Giants top hitters and certainly their smartest.  He has reported to camp early and should be playing alongside Buster in the second week of games.  His opening day is much more questionable than Buster's, hence the Ryan Theriot signing.  Freddy is expected to be in the line-up opening day though.

Brian Wilson
The league's craziest, most out of control closer is in camp and healthy.  He is throwing off the mound every third day coming off of his oblique and elbow injuries last year.  He said last year he was constantly hurt whether it was the elbow, oblique, or both.  He is completely healthy now and like Freddy and Buster will probably begin playing in the second week of Spring Training games.

Ryan Vogelsong
Vogelsong is hopefully getting all of his issues out early this season.  Yesterday he was diagnosed with a strained back and was said to be out for ten days.  Today he came down with the flu and was sent home.  The projected No. 4 starter for the Giants is expected back in a few weeks and should be 100% by opening day.

Charlie Culberson
Culberson (Below) one of the top hitting prospects the Giants have also plays in the middle infield.  This was going to be a spring where he put himself on the map.  Unfortunately he dropped a weight on his fingertip this morning and is out indefinitely.  Injuries are a theme for the Giants this season.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

JR Smith coming back to the NBA

There has been a lot of questions surrounding JR Smith and his return to the NBA. JR was stuck overseas playing for a team in China because he thought that the NBA Lockout would take away the season. Ever since the lockout was over, JR has been trying to come back to the NBA, but hasn't been able to due to his contract with the team he has been playing with in China. JR got his contract issues dealt with and now is planning on returning to the NBA. The teams that were considering signing JR were the clippers, knicks, bulls, magic, pacers, and lakers. The clippers and knicks were the two front runners in the race for JR, but with the knicks being able to give the most money. They got him! As of today, JR Smith tweeted saying "New York Knicks It Is!"  The Knicks were able to offer JR about 2.5 million, but they are going to have to free up some roster space for him. Some sources have been talking about the release Mike Bibby.

The new lineup for the New York Knicks looks like this:

In my opinion, I feel like the Knicks are now a team that  others should be worried about. Before Linsanity and the addition of JR came into place, the Knicks were just another team to play. But with these additions, the Knicks have a very powerful starting five, with great players coming off the bench to provide a spark for the team. I know that no one has seen this lineup play together yet, or even Lin and Anthony play together; but this will work. Carmelo might seem to be a selfish player, but he wants to win. All this team needed was a strong point guard to run the offense and the Knicks have been looking for one for awhile. Since the arrival of Lin, the Knicks have been moving forward and have a 7-game winning streak with Lin in the starting lineup. The addition of JR is only going to put more points on the board and give Lin more options to look at.  Looking at just purely statistics, this lineup is very intimidating. The New York Knicks are a new and improved team in the East.Watch out Miami and Chicago.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

By: Brian Sanchez

1.  Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
     This is the obvious pick here.  Luck is a once in a decade talent with his arm, athleticism, brilliance, calls at the line of scrimmage, and attitude, all of which lends itself to Luck being an instant team leader.  The question is not whether or not to draft Luck, it's what to do with Peyton Manning.

2. St. Louis Rams- WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St.
     I will not change the draft order to project a trade.  But I do think the Rams will move back in the draft and end up with Blackmon.  If they stay at No. 2 I think they will still pick Blackmon.  He is by far and away the best WR talent in this draft and he has the ability to become an instant No. 1 receiver.  QB Sam Bradford needs help, Blackmon can be the help he needs.  Some say the Rams should take a Tackle to protect Bradford, but I like Saffold and think he can be the starting Left Tackle for the Rams.

3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil, USC
     Kalil is the best Offensive Line prospect in this draft and the Vikings will be happy to see him on the board.  Minny Reached last year for QB Christian Ponder and now they have to commit to him.  Since Blackmon is the only weapon worth having this early, they should draft Kalil to protect Ponders' blind side and bolster their terrible O-Line.

4. Cleveland Browns- Robert Griffin III, Baylor
     A lot of people think RGIII is going to be a very good pro, me included.  Colt McCoy is not an NFL starter and the Browns know it.  RGIII will be a savior for this Cleveland team, and I do think they will get him.  A lot of teams could be looking to trade up to No. 2 and get the Rams pick to take RGIII.  I think the Browns will move up two spots to secure him.  The Rams would then move back to No. 4 and take whichever player the Vikings do not take between Kalil and Blackmon.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne, LSU
     This young man will be the best DB prospect in the draft.  With CB Ronde Barber mulling retirement and CB Aqib Talib possibly going to jail, the Bucs will need someone to line up outside making Claiborne an easy pick.

6. Washington Redskins- OT Riley Rieff, Iowa
     I make this pick assuming the Redskins sign either Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn  to be their new QB.  With that happening they'll need someone to protect the new QB.  Rieff is climbing boards quick and is mentioned in the same sentence as Matt Kalil.  This would not be a stretch, just a strong, smart football move.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford
     The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a very similar position to the Minnesota Vikings.  They have they're young QB, for better or for worse, and need to either give him weapons or give him protection.  With nobody other than Blackmon as a weapon, Jax has to go with protection.  Martin is a very physical and athletic tackle and he is of course very smart being a Stanford man.  The Jaguars give QB Blaine Gabbert solid protection with the OT and second Stanford player taken in the top 10.

8. Miami Dolphins- DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina
     New coach Joe Philbin announced he will be changing his team from a 3-4 to a 4-3.  This means that the Dolphins will need a solid DE who can both rush the passer and stuff the run.  Coples has the ability to be a dominant defender in this league.  His problem is a questionable motor.  He showed very little effort in his senior year at NC and still had good numbers.  I wouldn't want him because of his lack of drive, but teams love his high ceiling and I think Miami will give him a shot.

9. Carolina Panthers- DT Michael Brockers, LSU
     Brockers is an animal.  A big, tough, SEC athlete who can make an immediate impact on any team. The Panthers really struggled up the middle and are aching for a DT that can make a difference.  Brockers is perfect for them and could give the terrible Carolina defense an instant boost.

10. Buffalo Bills- DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
     Stretch?  Yes.  But what do you expect from the Bills?  They may be forcing and doing something I hate, picking for need, but they were a terrible pass rushing team and Melvin Ingram has explosive abilities.  He played huge at the senior bowl, leaving a wake of offensive linemen behind him.  He is undersized at 6 foot 1, but he has the explosiveness and athleticism to make up for it as the Bills look to improve their pass rush.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- RB Trent Richardson, Alabama
     This is not a no brainer pick for the Chiefs.  Richardson is a top 10, maybe even 5 talent, but the RB position does not have the value it once did.  Jamaal Charles will be coming of reconstructive surgery on his ACL and was not really a carry the load kind of RB before anyways.  Richardson is.  He is very strong and runs to contact.  He is an incredibly impressive RB and in tandem with Charles, can be an elite one two punch.

12. Seattle Seahawks- DE/DT Devon Still, Penn St.
     The Seahawks pass rush was very bad.  They need interior and exterior linemen.  Devon Still is a man who can do both.  Perfect fit?  Pretty much.  Pete Carroll can flex him and shift him and use scheming to get still to wreak havoc on other teams.

13. Arizona Cardinals- OG David DeCastro, Stanford
     This is incredibly early to be taking an interior lineman.  Normally.  Not if David DeCastro is there though.  He is the top OG prospect since Steve Hutchinson.  He is huge, physical, strong, and smart.  He will immediately be a starter and protect whatever QB the Cardinals throw out there as well as open holes for Beanie Wells.  This is the third Stanford player taken in the first round.

14. Dallas Cowboys- Janorice Jenkins, Northern Alabama
     Jenkins has almost too much baggage to fit in that monster of a stadium Jerry Jones has erected.  He used to go to Florida but got kicked out of school.  He has the ability to be one of the best players in this draft, but his character flaws should have knocked him down into the second round.  The Cowboys secondary is so bad that they do not care.  They see him as an instant starter and will sell their soul in order to get back into the playoffs.  

15. Philadelphia Eagles- MLB Luke Kuechly, Boston College
     The Eagles need a lot of help on defense, but they need the most help in their linebacking corps.  Kuechly is the safest and most solid MLB in this draft.  Vontaze Burfict out of Arizona St. is a more explosive more athletic prospect, but is not ready to start right away.  Kuechly is, and the Eagles are in win now mode.

16. New York Jets- S Mark Barron, Alabama
     The Safeties for the Jets are just not very good.  Mark Barron is very good.  Easy pick?  Oh yeah.  Barron is the only safety worth a first round nod and he is a good one.  He is a big time playmaker, very much along the lines of Dashon Goldson.  He has the ability to drop down into the box and deliver in run defense.  He also has the ability to play centerfield, read a QB and make a big play.  He will be a big step in returning the Jets defense to what it once was.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama
     The Bengals are well known as a team that identifies need, and drafts accordingly.  They have two needs, CB and RB.  Nate Clements is on the wrong side of 30, inconsistent, and a free agent.  That is not good.  Leon Hall will not be ready to start the season coming off of his Achilles injury.  And of course, they lost Jonathan Joseph to the Texans last year.  Kirkpatrick is talented but he has had marijuana possession charges (which have been dropped, but still...), however the Bengals usually do not care about that kind of stuff.  Kirkpatrick will start at CB for them.

18. San Diego Chargers- OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
     The Chargers have no depth at the OLB position.  They need someone who can make plays on the edge.  2012 National Championship MVP Courtney Upshaw could provide just that for the Chargers.

19. Chicago Bears- WR Alshon Jeffrey, South Carolina
     Jay Cutler has nothing but spend in his group of WR.  He needs a big, strong move the chains type of WR.  Enter Alshon Jeffrey.  Once a top ten prospect, Jeffrey has dropped do to a lacking Junior campaign and speed concerns.  He played big against good SEC teams and can blame a poor QB for his lack of production this season.  He could help both Cutler and RB Matt Forte a lot.

20. Tennessee Titans- OG/OT Cordy Glenn, Georgia
     Head coach Mike Munchack has publicly criticized his offensive line.  Why not draft a beast of a linemen to help?  Glenn has the ability to play guard or tackle which increases his value.  He is just a huge human being that can help dominate the line of scrimmage.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- RB Lamar Miller, Miami (The U)
     The Bengals, as I mentioned before, select for need.  They got their CB, now they need their RB.  They have a very good offensive line, and a blossoming passing game.  Cedric Benson has been steady but he is not a big play threat, not to mention a free agent.  The Bengals would like a big play RB who could still run between the tackles.  That is Lamar Miller.

22.  Cleveland Browns- WR Kendall Wright,  Baylor
     The Browns already took  an explosive play maker from Baylor.  Time to take an equally explosive player out of Baylor at WR.  Wright has elite speed and has already flourished under the throws of RGIII.  Might as well put the two together on the big stage and give your rookie QB a safety blanket at WR with his college running mate.

23. Detroit Lions- CB Alonzo Denard, Nebraska
     The Lions have one of the best offenses in the league so they are going defense.  Lead by Suh, the Lions have one of the best defensive lines in the league but are still easy to score on.  That means they need help at LB or DB.  And I have Denard as the best player left on my big board so the Lions take the big physical cover corner to try and shore up their defense.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- NT Dontari Poe, Memphis
     It is not very often that late in the first round a team can take their heir apparent at Nose Tackle.  The Steelers have the ability to do so now.  All-Pro NT Casey Hampton isn't getting any younger.  I am not saying he won't play well for the next couple of years.  But I am saying Poe is a mammoth of a human being that can be ready to step in if something were to happen to Hampton.

25. Denver Broncos- DT Fletcher Cox, Mississippi St.
     The Broncos played good in stretches, but overall they are nothing special.  Their biggest need is a play maker on the inside.  Fletcher Cox has the ability to get in the backfield and drop a running back for a loss.  While Brodick Bunkley had a good year stuffing the run, he did not make explosive plays.

26. Houston Texans- WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
     The Texans defense looked much improved this last year.  And that was with Mario Williams out for most of the season.  Insert him in, and the Texans finally have no need to draft defense anymore.  What they did notice was that when Andre Johnson went down, they have no other receivers.  Adding the tall athletic Floyd could make this offense as dangerous as any in the league.

27. New England Patriots- DE/OLB Whitney Mercillus, Illinois
     When the Patriots play a 4-3 they need a DE.  When they play 3-4 they need a rush linebacker.  Mercillus can make the transition between the two look very easy.  The young explosive athlete could give the Patriots a pass rush they sorely need.

28. Green Bay Packers- C Peter Konz, Wisconsin
     The Packers have a stud center in Scott Wells.  But he is a free agent, the Packers are near the salary cap, and they have already determined they will use the franchise tag on TE Jermicahel Finley.  Konz seems to be a plug and play center out of the biggest football university for the same state as the Packers.  Unless his stock continues to rise, he should fit nicely for the Pack.

29. Baltimore Ravens- MLB Vontaze Burfict, Arizona St.
     Ray Lewis will eventually need a replacement, and it seems that late in the first round the Ravens have found one.  Burfict is a bit of a head case (that's why he is still here at this pick) but he is talented. He would be able to play alongside Lewis right away, and take over for him when he is done.

30. San Francisco 49ers- OLB Zach Brown, North Carolina
     This may be a puzzling pick to some, but it does make sense.  Ahmad Brooks will likely leave during free agency leaving only Parys Harralson across from the phenom Aldon Smith who should see his role expand.  Brown is a do it all linebacker.  He is the perfect compliment to Aldon, and when you add him to Smith, Willis, and Bowman; the 49ers linebacking core will dominate people.  The Niners could also use a DB but the value is not here at this pick.  They could also use depth on the D-Line, so if a prospect really does well in the combine they could jump from second round to this pick for San Fran.

31. New England Patriots- DE Nick Perry, USC
     With the pick of Mercillus the Patriots still have problems with rushing the passer at OLB and DE.  Mercillus can play both, so can Perry.  He could stand up as a rush linebacker or go in the 3 point stance as a DE.  The major pass rush upgrade is needed and attained in this draft for the Pats.

32. New York Giants- MLB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama
     The Giants love to stock pile talent on defense and they get another here at the end of the first round.  Hightower is a very, very good MLB.  He lacks elite athleticism which is why he is still around at this pick, but he would solidify the middle of the Giants defense and improve their chances for a repeat.