Thursday, June 21, 2012

NBA Mock Draft 3.0

Combine/Team Workouts Cause Changes
By: Brian Sanchez @SportsReportDU

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis, PF/C Kentucky
The obvious pick here as Davis is a difference maker in all facets of the game.  The Hornets are going to be able to contend for the 8th playoff spot as soon as this coming season.  

2. Charlotte Bobcats- Thomas Robinson, PF Kansas
It seems like the Bobcats are going to go with Robinson.  He is short but also very strong and athletic.  The Bobcats current best player is SF Gerald Henderson and neither he or MKG can play Sg so the edge goes to Robinson.  T Rob can also score better than MKG which makes the offensively starved Bobcats like him even more.  Barnes is a possibility here as well as Beal.

3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal, SG Florida
I think Beal is highly overrated, his comparisons have been Ray Allen and Eric Gordon and frankly that's ridiculous.  I do think he is good and can be a good shooter in the NBA but you can't compare him to the all time leader in NBA 3 point history.  Now that the Wizards have acquired Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza they have no need to take MKG or T Rob.  What they do need however is a SG all but assuring Beal of being the No. 3 pick.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF Kentucky
This works out very nicely for the Cavs.  They choose between MKG and Harrison Barnes, and while it could very well be Barnes (who the Cavs wanted last year) I give the nod to MKG.  MKG can defend, rebound, and attack the rim as well as anyone in the draft.  He will be a great wing piece to go with Kyrie Irving.  Irving is a big time scorer so it will be good to have the No. 2 player on the team being a hard working, defensive minded leader.

5. Sacramento Kings- Harrison Barnes, SF North Carolina
Beal locking in at 3 pushes MKG to 4 which makes Barnes avaiable at 5 which is a beautiful situation for the Kings.  They really need a 3, moving Tyreke Evans to the three is a terrible idea.  If Barnes goes to the Cavs at 4, then the Kings get MKG so either way this is a good spot for them.  Barnes will bring them perimeter shooting from the wing and add another young piece to a team that has failed to turn good young peices in to victories.

6. Portland Trailblazers- Damian Lillard, PG Weber St.
Let's keep it simple, the Blazers want Lillard to be their next explosive PG.  He will not be there at No.11, which i their next pick.  So rather than going with Drummond, I think they'll go ahead and grab Lillard, if he's your guy, just take him.  

7. Golden State Warriors- Dion Waiters, SG/PG Syracuse
If the draft falls this way the Warriors will be looking at 3 names: Dion Waiters, Andre Drummond, and Terrence Ross.  The Warriors need a 3rd guard for the rotation, a back up big man, or a SF.  Waiters represents the guard.  He is short at 6'4" but he may be the toughest player in the back court in this draft.  That is an area the Warriors need as Curry and Thompson are talented but not all that tough.  Waiters ability to back up the 1 and the 2 makes him the pick here.  I would not be surprised if the Warriors select Drummond here.  He represents a big, athletic, defensive center, something this team has not had in a long time.  He could back up the 4 and the 5 if the Warriors decide they want to take the chance on him (which they very well might).  Terrence Ross would be the pick if the W's think he could start at the SF position right away.  Ross is 6'7", a terrific shooter, good ball handler, and a good rebounder.  He has a tendency to disappear during games which is why he is more of a mid first round prospect.  The Warriors were not impressed by the workouts of Terrence Jones or PJIII so I think they're out of the picture.  Dorrell Wright will almost certainly be traded leaving a spot open at the 3.  Waiters could come off the bench at the 2 and Klay could slide to the 3 and be the back up SF.

8. Toronto Raptors- Andre Drummond, C Connecticut
The Raptors will not be thrilled with the way this draft went.  They would have wanted Lillard or Waiters but both jumped ahead of the 8 spot.  The Raptors make a pure value pick and take the chance on Drummond.  If he pans out he becomes a player that the Raptors would never have been able to attract in free agency so he's worth the risk.

9. Detroit Pistons- Meyers Leonard, C Illinois
The Pistons would have liked to see Drummond here, but since he is gone and they need a Center they'll turn to Leonard.  Meyers is a 7 footer himself and good defensively and a solid rebounder.  He can play the center and move Greg Monroe to the PF and the Pistons should see an improvement.

10. New Orleans Hornets- Austin Rivers, SG Duke
Having already selected Anthony Davis and thus winning this draft the Hornets can just stock pile talent at any position.  Rivers would have been a top 3 prospect had he stayed at Duke another year so the Hornets take the lethal scorer with the killer crossover, put him behind Eric Gordon and start building some serious depth.  

11. Portland Trailblazers- Terrence Ross, SG Washington
The Blazers already got their guy in Lillard, and now they give him a running mate.  The versatile 6'7" Ross can shoot the lights out, and although the Blazers didn't get a center, they did inject a shot of youth and excitement into their back court.

12. Milwaukee Bucks- John Henson, PF/C North Carolina
The Bucks swapped defense for offense with their trade of Bogut for Monta Ellis.  They need to re stock their talent on the defensive end because that is the calling card of this Milwaukee team.  Henson will probably be able to guard the 3, 4, and 5 positions in the NBA which is his biggest asset.  Between him, Ekpe Udoh, and Luc Richard Mbah Moute the defense will be formidable again.  

13. Phoenix Suns- Kendall Marshall, PG North Carolina
The Suns offense for years has revolved around a PG with great vision distributing the ball to the whole team and getting everyone else going.  Marshall is no Steve Nash but he does have exceptional court vision and is a pure pass first PG.  With no other PG on the roster who could start and the Nash era coming to an end, Marshall makes sense for the Suns.

14. Houston Rockets- Jeremy Lamb, SG Connecticut
The Rockets need help at center and SG and with no centers available at this pick it narrows down the options.  Kevin Martin probably won't be in Houston past this year and Lamb projects to be very similar but a much better defensive prospect than Martin.  Lamb could go earlier so I think if he is still there the Rockets grab him.

15. Philadelphia 76ers- Arnett Moultrie, PF/C 
The 76ers want to get stronger in the middle and the certainly do so by taking Moultrie.  They could certainly take Zeller here but I think the 76ers want to get a more athletic, physical player rather than the softer more skilled Zeller.  Moultrie is very athletic and can rebound and block shots.  He can come off the bench at both positions and will be a welcomed addition.

16. Houston Rockets- Tyler Zeller, C/PF North Carolina
Zeller isn't the most amazing prospect there is, but he sure is a good one.  He has good moves in the post, especially for a 7 footer in college.  He has good speed and will beat his defenders down the floor and is developing a nice mid range jumper.  He probably won't be a starter but for a team that needs help down low like the Rockets do he is a very good rotational piece.  

17. Dallas Mavericks- Terrence Jones, SF/PF Kentucky
Jones may rival PJIII as the biggest draft enigma.  He could go #7 to the Warriors or later than this.  He is a big physical specimen, he rebounds and defends well and attacks the rim.  He is a good passer but a bad shooter.  He reminds a lot of people of Josh Smith, for both good and bad reasons.  If Jones is here for Dallas I think they should take his athleticism and toughness on the wing which is needed in Dallas. 

18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Perry Jones III, SF Baylor
The Timberwolves represent the first team I can see that has no alternative options better than just taking PJIII.  I can see him being an All Star just as easily as I can see him being useless.  The wolves are a team that should take risks like PJIII and go for the Home Run.

19. Orlando Magic- Quincy Miller, SF Baylor
The lesser discussed of the 2 Baylor SF's is Miller, and I don't think he is much worse than PJIII.  Had he not injured his ACL and missed time, I think he would be in the mix for the Warriors at 7.  Had he satyed in school I think he would have been in the top 5 with Austin Rivers.  That being said, he is not NBA ready but projects out to be a very good player.  the Magic need all the talent they can get so they just snag him.

20. Denver Nuggets- Jared Sullinger, PF Ohio St.
Sullinger had been medically red flagged by NBA doctors leading to his fall here.  Many teams have just taken him off of their board.  The Nuggets have such good depth and no holes in the starting 5 that they can take Sullinger and hope for the best.  If he stays healthy they get a lot better, if not, oh well.  At 20 the Nuggets can afford to take that risk.

21. Boston Celtics- Royce White, PF Iowa St.
Chad Ford has reported that White has cancelled his remaining workouts which means he got a first round promise.  White has an anxiety disorder which leaves him unable to fly in airplanes without using so much energy that he is physically exhausted after landing.  Ford reported that most of his sources are telling him the Celtics gave him the promise.  He is a high risk, high reward pick and with back to back first rounders the Celtics obviously feel he's worth it.

22. Boston Celtics- Doron Lamb, SG Kentucky
I've had Fab Melo here, but with the Celtics taking a risk on White, I think they need a safer pick and a SG.  Lamb is an efficient offensive player who can shoot 3's and plays an old school style of ball.  I think he fits the Celtics nicely.

23. Atlanta Hawks- Marquis Teague, PG Kentucky
This would be so cool.  The Hawks like their current starter Jeff Teague but would like a back up and eventual replacement should they lose Jeff in free agency.  Why not go with Jeff's brother Marquis?  Marquis is pretty good at every aspect of the game but not great at anything.  He will be a solid back up and may help turn team chemistry around by playing with his brother.  

24. Cleveland Cavaliers- Fab Melo, C Syracuse
The Cavs already got MKG and I think they are pretty happy about that.  Melo is still on the board and the Cavs can use depth inside.  He is a risk because he doesn't seem to be the smartest or hardest working player, but the Cavs should give him a go.  If he pans out, cleveland could be back on the map.

25. Memphis Grizzlies- Evan Fournier, SG France
It's been reported that the Grizzlies are looking to stash a pick over seas in this draft and Fournier is the best international prospect in a weak international class.  He is 19 but he can shoot very well and is a good scorer.  

26. Indiana Pacers- Jeffrey Taylor, SF Vanderbilt
The Pacers want a PG, but without one worth it on the board, I don't think they'll force it.  Taylor is the best player available as he compares very much to Thabo Sefolosha.  A great defender, good athlete, and even has a decent long stroke.  He can be a back up 2 and 3 and fill a role in the starting 5 in case of an injury or trade.

27. Miami Heat- Andrew Nicholson, PF St. Bonaventure
The Heat really need to improve their depth down low.  Nicholson can block shots, rebound, and score in the post and with a mid range jumper.  The only knock on him is the lesser competition he faced in college.  Nicholson can both play alongside Bosh or in his place making him a valuable piece.  

28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Tony Wroten, PG/SG Washington
Wroten is one of the ultimate boom or bust prospects in this draft.  At 6'6" he has the ability to play both guard positions.  He is a terrible shooter, but is extremely athletic and can get to the rim at will.  The Thunder don't need anything so they may as well take Wroten, give him time to develop and see if they can hit another home run with a first rounder.

29. Chicago Bulls- John Jenkins, SG Vanderbilt
The Bulls need better perimeter shooting from the 2 spot and it comes down to Jenkins and Lamb.  Jenkins has shown in workouts that he has the ability to score from all over and has the athleticism to get in the lane and be more than a jump shooter.  He is more consistent than Doron Lamb so I would look for Jenkins to go here. 

30. Golden St. Warriors- Festus Ezeli, C Vanderbilt
The Warriors have a lot of options here.  They could go  Draymond Green, Jared Cunnigham, Kevin Jones or Will Barton.  I think they will go with Ezeli the 7 foot defensive presence at center.  With David Lee and Andrew Bogut already on the team, adding Ezeli gives them another big post player allowing them to never let Biedrins see the floor again and giving Jeremy Tyler more time to develop.  Ezeli has good blocking skills and can also rebound a little.  Ezeli is NBA strong right now and won't be there at pick 35 and a lot of good wing men will be.

First Ten Picks of the Second Round 
1. Charlotte Bobcats- Jared Cunningham, SG Oregon St.
2. Washington Wizards- Draymond Green, SF/PF Michigan St.
3. Cleveland Cavaliers- Will Barton, SG Memphis
4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Furkan Aldemir, PF Turkey
5. Golden State Warriors- Kris Middleton, SF Texas A&M
6. Sacramento Kings- Kyle O'Quin, PF/ C Norfolk St.
7. Toronto Raptors- Tyshawn Taylor, PG Kansas
8. Denver Nuggets- Tomas Satoransky, PG/SG Czech Republic
9. Detroit Pistons- Darius Miller, SF Kentucky
10. Portland Trailblazers- Drew Gordon, PF New Mexico

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Putting on my GM Hat

What I Would do with the Warriors
By: Brian Sanchez @SportsReportDU

     The Warriors have a chance to be good this coming season.  It will be a breath of fresh air when most times the Warriors take the court they will either have the edge down low or be able to compete with any combination of bigs.  4 of the starting 5 is set, Curry at the point, Thompson at the 2, Lee at the 4, and Bogut at the 5.  Right now at the 3 is Dorell Wright and Richard Jefferson.  I don't mind Jefferson on the team, I know he is not worth the contract but we can't worry about it especially because we didn't make the mistake of signing him to it.  Dorell Wright has an expiring contract and is the best trade asset on the team and I will take advantage of it.  I say he has the most value because he is decent, has the expiring contract, and while there are better players on the team than him he is the one we can trade away and not really miss.  So, I have 4 draft picks, the expiring contract of Dorell Wright and 3 holes to fill (back up PG/SG, back up PF/C, and another 3 whether it be a starter or back up).  Here we go...

     First I want to address the back up guard spot.  I think Charles Jenkins is serviceable and I want to keep him on the roster.  But we need a guard who can eat up big minutes and even more so, start if Curry goes down.  Jenkins is OK, but I would not expect to make the playoffs with him as the starter.  So the first order of business is look for a PG on the trade market who is attainable.  Found him, Kyle Lowry from the Rockets.  Lowry is a good PG who can defend very well, hit 3's and plays like a bowling ball.  He would be an excellent 3rd guard along with Curry and Thompson.  Lowry could take 20-25 minutes night at the point.  It would also relieve pressure from Klay Thompson because Lowry could run the point with Curry as the 2.  And I think if Curry got more time off the ball he would score much more coming off of screens and not worrying about setting other player up.  This could also work because Lowry could have a good shot at defending 2's when he plays with Lowry.  Also, if Curry gets hurt you have a PG in Lowry who can easily be a starter, he has been for years, that way a Curry injury does not end Playoff hopes.  Then Charles Jenkins slides back in to the back up PG role.

     How do I get Lowry you ask?  Well, I have the leverage because both the Rockets and Lowry want to be done with each other.  This is where Wright comes in handy.  What I would do is trade Dorrell for Lowry and swap first rounders with Houston and throw in the 35th pick.  The Rockets own picks 14 and 16 and I would take 14.  The Rockets would do this because they could get some perimeter shooting with Wright as well as get him off the books the next year.  And they would move up 7 picks in the draft while still having pick 16.  At 7 the Rockets could choose the PG of their liking, a big man, or hope one of the top 6 prospects fall.  So all the Rockets do is improve their draft position and trade a player they don't want for an expiring contract.  I come away with the PG I covet and complete a solid three guard rotation.  Moving back to 14 does not bother me because a lot of the player I like at 7 will probably be there at 14.  And I got rid of the 35th pick which I did not have a roster spot for but kept my 30th pick.  (If the Rockets said they would do the deal if they got pick 30 instead of 35, that'd be fine)

     Now comes the Draft.  I filled my hole at back up guard, now I need to address SF and a back up big.  At 14 I have the chance to do both (people need to realize we do not have the assets to trade for Rudy Gay, Andre Iguodala, Danny Granger, or Nic Batum).  The two players I'm looking at are Terrence Jones, SF Kentucky and Meyers Leonard, center from Illinois.  The Decision becomes two-fold.  Can Terrence Jones play SF in the NBA or is he going to be an undersized overly athletic 4 which doesn't help the team?  The second question becomes what free agent can be signed that fills the hole that the draft pick doesn't.  Since the Warriors basically only have the Mid Level Exception (we'll say 4 million dollars) to work with, there are more options of veteran bigs that can be signed than veteran small forwards.  So, given that information, with the 14th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft the Golden State Warriors select, Terrence Jones SF Kentucky.  Jones is very athletic and strong.  He can rebound as well as handle the ball.  He has a good face up game and an incredibly quick first step which means he can take guys off the dribble.  Jones has everything it would take to become a good defender.  His biggest flaw is his lack of a shot, but get him to attack the rim relentlessly and the shot matters much less.  I am comfortable starting Richard Jefferson and having Terrence Jones take the bulk of the minutes as his back up.  The natural hope would be for Jones to take the starting job from Jefferson and move RJ to the back up 3.  With the remaining picks, I take Jared Cunningham SG out of Oregon St. 30th overall to be another guard.  He can score and is a big time draft sleeper.  Then with the final pick in the late 2nd round I take the best International player available since I have no roster spot open for anybody.

     Now the final piece of the puzzle, the back up big man.  Although I liked Meyers Leonard I found it much more feasible to find a veteran big to play down low.  This big must be able to play the center in case Bogut gets hurt and play a little 4 to spell David Lee.  I like Jeremy Tyler but prefer him in the Chalres Jenkins role as the 4th man.  Not to mention if I want to win I never let Biedrins touch the floor again.  The goal is to have a 3 man rotation down low just like the 3 man rotation with Lowry, Curry, and Thompson.  There are three big men which I believe could be had for just the MLE (as that is all I have to work with, thanks Biedrins) Kenyon Martin, Darrell Arthur, and Jordan Hill.  Arthur is the most likely to get more than the MLE so we will cancel him out.  Kenyon Martin made $2.5 mil last year and Hill made $2.9 mil.  I think for the $4-5 mil that the MLE will be worth, Kenyon can be had.  And this is especially true if Joe Lacob would really dip into the luxury tax like he said he would (which I am not buying now that he has to pay for a new stadium).  Martin brings incredible toughness and rebounding and could give minutes at both the 4 and the 5.  Lee, Bogut, and Martin make up my 3 man rotation with Jeremy Tyler as a kicker.
So here is my new roster with basically no money to spare: 

Starting 5:
PG Stephen Curry
SG Klay Thompson
SF Richard Jefferson
PF David Lee
C Andrew Bogut

PG Kyle Lowry
PF/C Kenyon Martin
SF Terrence Jones
PF/C Jeremy Tyler
PG Charles Jenkins
C Andris Biedrins
SG Jared Cunningham

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SF Giants 2012 Draft

Back on Track
By: Brian Sanchez @SportsReportDU

     The Giants have strayed from stock piling talent in the starting rotation in recent yeas with the first round picks of CF Gary Brown and SS Joe Panik.  Well, the Giants are back on track now taking RHP Chris Stratton out of Mississippi St.  Many, including the Giants, did not think Stratton would be there at 20.  The 6'3" 198 lb. starter had a great season in college this last year.  He went 11-2 with a 2.38 ERA in the potent SEC with 127 K's and only 25 BB's in 110 innings.  Stratton edged out 4th overall pick Kevin Gausman for SEC pitcher of the year and was a finalist for the Golden Spikes award.  In his first game as a starter this season he struck out 17 against the LSU Tigers.  Stratton sits between 90-93 MPH on the fastball which has a good downward plane and decent late movement.  He has good skill at elevating the fastball up above the letters where it will entice hitters without leaving it down where it can be driven hard.  His best secondary pitch is a devastating slider.  It breaks more up and down than it does left to right, but it bites hard and is very deceptive.  He also has a curveball which is not as good as the slider but adds another wrinkle.  His change up is a work in progress, and with the way the Giants have been able to aid their pitchers in learning the change up it could be a good one.  He has very good accuracy and will throw any pitch at any time.  Now, you may be saying to yourself, "wow that sounds like a scouting report on a much younger Matt Cain."  Well, that's because he compares very well to a younger Matt Cain, the one who first cam to the pro's.  They are very similar pitchers, this is just a projection, but Stratton has everything it would take to pitch like a Cain, including the work horse load.  Look for Stratton to be in call-up conversations within 2-3 years.  Good pick for the Giants, and with the way they draft pitching you'd have to bank on Stratton being good and Teams looking back at this drsft wondering why did we let him past us?  

     This may be a situation where sounding like a broken record is a very good thing.  The second pitcher taken was Martin Agosta out of St. Mary's in California.  Agosta is 6'1" 180 lbs. And has done nothing but dominate and win at every level he has played at.  He won 8 games for St. Mary's with a 2.37 ERa and struck out 74 batters in 87 innings.  Agosta can throw 90-93 MPH despite his smaller frame with an ability to run a fastball up to 95 MPH.  His fastball has very good sink and tail on it making it a very good first option.  Both his curve and his changeup project to be solid MLB pitches.  As he works his way through the ranks they will probably improve given the Giants track record of grooming pitcher who were picked early.  Agosta has very good control of his pitches and while he does not have quite the upside of Stratton he does project to be a 3 or 4 starter who gives his team a chance to win every day in the MLB.  He is probably 3 years away from being considered for a MLB call up but when him and Stratton both hit Single-A San Jose at the same time it will foster healthy competition between the two not to mention dominant stat lines.

     The Giants finally took a position player and he may just turn out to be a good one.  The pick was Mac Williamson out of Wake Forest.  He is a big boy at 6'4" 240 lbs. and he has some good projectable abilities with some obvious flaws.  Williamson has tremedous raw power which will be exciting to track through the Giants system as they have a dire need for power.  Williamson also has decent speed a cannon for an arm.  He projects as a middle of the order power hitting RF which is a site for sore eyes in the Giants organization.   His big flaw is his ability to make consistent contact right now, he projects to a .240-.260 BA guy in the pros but of course that will be an area to focus on in his development.  His calling card will be his power and right now I could see him going 25-30 HR in the meat of his career which means you will live with a .250 BA given his power.  He is an intriguing prospect who will take 2-3 years to be in call up conversations as the Giants continue the quick through the system college players.

Check back later for more information on any more notable picks from this draft.  Spoiler alert: there are some more relievers that can throw Heath Hembree fast.

NBA Mock Draft 2.0

The Order is Set
By: Brian Sanchez @SportsReportDU

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis, PF/C Kentucky
The obvious pick here.  Is the Draft Lottery really random or is it crooked?  I said it was rigged on the show, but I'll let you think what you want.  The Hornets will be positioned to compete for the 8th seed. Jack, Gordon, Ariza, Aminu, Landry, Davis, Okafor and another lottery pick?  Not bad.  

2. Charlotte Bobcats- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF Kentucky
It is highly unfortunate for the Bobcats that they won't be getting Anthony Davis.  Now the team that is supposed to go No. 1 has only kept the pick 2 out of the last 14 times.  They don't get Davis but they do get MKG.  He is a defender, competitor, leader, warrior, and winner.  He is a good start to the rebuilding process in Charlotte.

3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal, SG Florida
The Wizards have a solid line up going in to this season.  They like Chris Singleton at the 3 and have Seraphin and Nene down low with John Wall running the point.  They need scoring on the perimeter and especially at the SG spot.  Beal struggled from 3 last year (33%) but has NBA range and projects out to being a good perimeter scorer.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Harrison Barnes, SF North Carolina
It looks like Kyrie Irving will be very good for a long time.  He needs help on the perimeter.  Jeremy Lamb would be a huge stretch here and so would Dion Waiters.  As long as Harrison Barnes is on the board he is the 3 point shooting SF that the doctor ordered in Cleveland.

5. Sacramento Kings- Thomas Robinson, PF Kansas
This would be ideal for the Kings.  They have Cousins at Center but need someone to work next to him.  Robinson might be the perfect fit.  He's an athletic, hard working, high character, high effort, good rebounding PF.  He may not have ideal size but he makes up for it with strength and hustle.  He will be a very nice compliment to Cousins down low in a division where there are some pretty good 4/5 combinations.  

6. Portland Trailblazers- Andre Drummond, PF/C UConn
The Blazers want a big to pair with Lamarcus Aldridge down low and they get one of the biggest bigs in the draft.  Drummond has the ability to become one of the leagues top Centers, the only question is will he have the drive to make it happen?  He's worth the risk to the Blazers because at the very least he will be an athletic big body.

7. Golden State Warriors- Arnett Moultrie, PF/C Mississippi St.
The Warriors get to keep their pick and would prefer to be able to fill their hole in the starting line-up at SF, but with Barnes gone that isn't happening.  Then it comes down to needing depth at guard and Forward.  They need a combo guard type who can back up both PG and SG with some energy.  That puts Dion Waiters and Austin Rivers on the short list.  While they got good starters down low in Lee and Bogut all they have behind them is the young and still unready Jeremy Tyler and the awful Andris Biedrins.  Moultrie can back up at both the 4 and the 5.  Bogut has had injury issues so the Warriors might want someone better suited to start at Center than Biedrins or Tyler.  Moultrie is an athletic big who rebounds very well.  He was a SF for a year in college so he has good ball handling skills and a face up game.  He has been labeled as a draft sleeper so taking him at No.7 wouldn't start a riot.  If Terrence Jones shows well in his pre draft work outs I will most likely put him here.  

8. Toronto Raptors- Damian Lillard, PG Weber St.
A lot of people have Jeremy Lamb going here but I don't think the Raptors will be comfortable moving Derozan to the SF position.  What they do need is a PG.  Lillard is lightning quick and a good scorer.  They need potent players like Lillard in Toronto especially because they are one of the least likely teams to attract a good offensive PG in free agency.  Lillard would add a dynamic aspect to the Raptors.

9. Detroit Pistons- John Henson, PF North Carolina
I am not convinced that this is the right move, but I am pretty convinced that this will be what the Pistons do.  Greg Monroe has been awesome at Center for Detroit but they need someone who can actually defend down low.  Henson is unbelievably skinny but can block shots with the best of them.  They hit on a defensive but skinny player before in Tayshaun Prince, maybe they'll do it again.  

10. New Orleans Hornets- Kendall Marshall, PG North Carolina
Marshall is a pure pass first PG who has the leadership to run a team.  The Hornets are thin at PG and with Lillard off the board Marshall is an easy selection if they decide they want a PG.  Marshall could develop in to a great team leader as the Hornets take a huge leap forward here in this draft.

11. Portland Trailblazers- Dion Waiters, PG/SG Syracuse
The Trailblazers already addressed their need at Center with Drummond and their other big need is at the point.  Both of the top PG's in the draft are gone so they will settle for a combo guard who can run the point as a back up.  Waiters is only 6'4" but he is a bulldog and a very good scorer.  He likes to get inside and is working on his game as a PG.  I think his versatility and toughness are two attributes that could help in Portland.  

12. Milwaukee Bucks- Tyler Zeller, PF/C North Carolina
After trading big for small and getting Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut the Bucks need more big bodies. They have Larry Sanders, Ekpe Udoh, and Luc Richard Mbah Moute but those guys are more 4's than they are 5's.  Zeller can play the 5 and provide offense.  He has good moves in the post and a nice little jumper from 10 feet.  

13. Phoenix Suns- Jeremy Lamb, SG UConn
The Suns need a scorer at the 2 and they get a good one here at pick 13.  It looks like they have post players in Lopez and Morris as well as a good wing man in Jared Dudley.  Both PG's are off the board so they can not draft the eventual replacement for Steve Nash.  Lamb is a phenomenal shooter, especially from 3.  He is more than that though, he is a total scorer who will probably start right away.

14. Houston Rockets- Austin Rivers, SG Duke
The Rockets have committed so many top picks to post players that they need to spend picks on perimeter scorers.  Rivers is going to be a dynamic scorer and he'll even be able to handle some time at the point.  He'd probably be a top 5 pick next year, but since he came out this year it works to the Rockets advantage.  

15. Philadelphia 76ers- Perry Jones III, SF Baylor
Perry Jones has the abilities of a top 5 pick.  His motor has been questioned and people wonder whether or not he'll work hard enough to put it all together and realize his potential.  With the depth on the wings for the 76ers and the lack of options down low at this spot the 76ers could take Jones III and sit him behind Iguodala and Thad Young which should help his development.  This is one of the better equipped teams to deal with the potential bust of Perry Jones III.

16. Houston Rockets- Meyers Leonard, C Illinois 
The Rockets need a Center despite spending so many picks on post players.  Leonard is very, very big and has shown some raw abilities (especially on defense).  He has good athleticism for his size and has the strength to hold his own as a starter who can rebound and defend right away.  

17. Dallas Mavericks- Terrence Ross, SG/SF Washington
The Mavericks need help on the perimeter and especially help with 3 point shooting.  Ross will provide all of that and more.  At 6'7" he can play both the SG and SF and is one of the best 3 point shooters in this draft.  He is very similar to First Team all rookie SG Klay Thompson but with a little less game going at the rim.  Still a good comparison and a very good pick at 17.  

18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Jared Sullinger, PF Ohio St.  
The Wolves really, really need a SG but there just isn't one available who is a viable option.  Sullinger could easily be taken higher so the Wolves should take him just because he's here.  Stock piling talent is the name of the game for Minny.  Sully could be used in a draft day trade or used as a future trade option.  He would also be great if any of the Minny bigs go down.  

19. Orlando Magic- Terrence Jones, SF/PF Kentucky
The Magic may very well be losing Dwight Howard but if they want to keep him they need to add as much talent as possible to convince him to stay.  Jones is a tweener and fell this far because of his lack of a jump shot and the fact that he doesn't play with full intensity all the time.  He could be a good piece whether it's in addition to Dwight Howard or all the players they get in a trade.

20. Denver Nuggets- Marquis Teague, PG Kentucky
The Nuggets have no real needs right now.  They could just take the best available in Harkless, but they have so many players who can play the SF.  The most iffy spot on the bench is at PG.  Andre Miller is expected to return but he is incredibly old.  Teague gives them another PG option especially if Miller does not return.  If Andre does come back, they can groom Teague for the future.  

21. Boston Celtics- Moe Harkless, SF St. Johns
Boston needs a whole lot off the bench and Harkless is a heck of a value pick here.  He is an athletic SF who is a good defender.  He can find time on the court right away because of his athleticism.  Pierce and Allen are getting old so the Celtics need to take good young wing players.

22. Boston Celtics- Fab Melo, Center Syracuse
Melo should have been a lot higher of a pick but his commitment to being great was highly questionable in college and he appeared to have no motor.  He has re-committed himself this summer and is much better shape and looks focused.  Because of the Celtics dire need for a Center, they are going to take the chance and hop Doc Rivers can get him to play to his fullest.

23.  Atlanta Hawks- Tony Wroten Jr., PG Washington
Wroten is an intriguing PG prospect for a team that needs depth at the point.  Wroten is big (6'5") and has the ability and athleticism to attack the rim.  He has a terrible jump shot and has a reputation as a bad teammate, but the Hawks need PG help and Wroten Jr. has too much upside to pass up.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers- Quincy Miller- SF Baylor
Quincy Miller came in to his freshmen year as a potential top 10 pick, but after an ACL injury he never really got in to a rhythm.  He apparently hated the thought of learning so much that he entered the draft anyways.  This is a pure potential pick for the Cavs.  They already have Barnes so Miller doesn't have to start, but he could grow in to his game at the pro level.  He is worth a shot here based on his upside.  

25. Memphis Grizzlies- Evan Fournier, SG France
Chad Ford of ESPN reported that the Grizzlies are looking to stash a pick over seas this year.  Fournier is by far the best international prospect in a thin international class.  He has the ability to score and it looks like it'll be able to translate to the NBA.

26. Indiana Pacers- Doron Lamb, SG Kentucky
The Pacers are a solid team with few holes.  It looks like they may be losing the shooting of Leandro Barbosa during free agency.  Doron Lamb is one of the top 5 3-point shooters in this draft.  He is a good option to have coming off the bench for just his shooting.

27. Miami Heat- Draymond Green- PF/SF Michigan St. 
The Heat need players who are ready to contribute now.  Green is a do everything big man, yes he is a tweener but with his intangibles he is still worth it.  Green can shoot, rebound, and pass well and will give a champions effort on defense.  He is a guy who makes everyone around him better, he would be Miami's Glen Davis.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Jeffrey Taylor, SF Vanderbilt
Taylor is an elite athlete who can defend and has good range on his jumper.  There is a very good chance that he moves up from this spot, but if he is there for the Thunder they will jump on him.

29. Chicago Bulls- John Jenkins, SG Vanderbilt
The Bulls need shooters and Jenkins may just be the best one in the draft.  He is a small SG but he has NBA range with a quick release and a surprising ability to finish at the rim.  He would be a very nice piece for this team to add.

30. Golden State Warriors- Royce White, SF/PF Iowa St.
White has the ability to go much higher than this.  He also has an anxiety disorder that leaves him deathly afraid of flying.  This means it will be hard for him to fly on road trips and may leave him losing sleep because he is scared.  This is what caused him to fall off the court.  On the court he is a do it all SF.  He can rebound very well and score inside.  At this late of a pick he is an amazing value for the Warriors.  The reward outweighs the risk by a mile on this one.  

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